R&D Projects

SN2C Simulation

The SN2C Simulation Research Project is an FUI (government subsidized) project, approved by SPORALTEC and coordinated by the CTC (Technical Leather Center) with the involvement of seven partners.

This project enabled the creation of computerized simulation tools to facilitate the design of athletic shoe soles. Thanks to this endeavor, it is now possible to study the mechanical behavior of soles, thus giving shoe designers the means to develop products more rapidly and better meet their consumers’ needs.

This project is particularly remarkable for its multidisciplinary approach, combining skills as diverse as: digital calculation, 3D CAO, material characterization, biomechanics, the anatomy of the foot, rapid prototyping and simultaneous engineering.

For more information, contact CTC’s Head of Technological Innovation, Mr. Jérôme ISSARTEL: jissartel@ctcgroupe.com

Fluorocarbon-free DWR (Durable Water Repellency)

This collaborative eco-innovation project is steered by SPORALTEC and the OSV Cluster.


  • The most recent Greenpeace report clearly underlines the environmental and sanitary impact of DWR treatments involving fluoride components (fluorocarbons): PFC;
  • Movement to ban PFOA (similar to the already-banned PFOS) in the short term. A ban on other fluoride components is probable in the medium term;
  • No viable PFC-free alternatives, in the short term;
  • Little data available on the subject (outside of the chemical industry).


  • Scientific toxicology studies conducted by organizations (ex: Greenpeace);
  • REACH regulations becoming more rigorous;
  • Government hearings indicating receptiveness to legislation (Europe, the US, Asia);
  • Involvement of German brands; the ZDHC initiative (www.roadmaptozero.com).


1. Produce a report on the status of existing DWR (Durable Water Repellency) technologies

  • Evaluate their technical performance
  • Evaluate their environmental and health-related performance

2. Identify or perfect a DWR with no PFCs or other potentially dangerous substances



  • Between clusters (Sporaltec/OSV)
  • Between Outdoor brands
  • Between complementary competencies


  • Regulation is on the near horizon!


  • Research new DWR treatments with less impact