New workshop Made in Chartreuse

Logo Raidlight - Vertical

« Made in Chartreuse » is a textile atelier shared by the enterprises Badiane Créations and Raidlight-Vertical.

This workshop has 100m² and is installed in Saint-Pierre-de-Chartreuse; it will be made up of a dozen machines and other fashioning equipments.

The aim of the two enterprises is to gather in the same atelier:
• Their expertise;
• Complementary equipments and machines;
• Qualified employments.

This project has been accompanied by the Communauté de Communes Chartreuse Guiers (local government in Chartreuse Guiers) and Chartreuse Régional Natural Parc. In this way, these two stakeholders participate on the creation of a new enterprise in Saint-Pierre-de-Chartreuse. Opening: June 2013.

Find out more details (in French)