Strategy and Missions

SPORALTEC’s Strategy is to: Be an accelerator for innovations in all sports-sector companies in the Rhône-Alpes Region.

Cluster Missions:

  • Support companies in their pursuit of innovation.
  • Pool resources for R&D and testing platforms.
  • Provide training and information about the latest technologies and innovations in the market.
  • Bring companies together in a common network and actively seek partners.
  • Promote member companies’ expertise and increase their visibility on a national and international scale.
  • Increase companies’ competitiveness through innovation.

Strategic Activity Domains

Sporaltec develops innovations for all sports, no matter where they are practiced or who their target population may be, be they individual or group sports, indoor or outdoor, leisure or competitive.  Our development strategy is structured into 2 domains of strategic activity –(DSA).

  • DSA Sports & Health

This domain focuses on all sports equipment, materials and activities having an impact on human health, in terms of supervision, prevention, adaptation, rehabilitation, mobility, or performance enhancement.

  • DSA Outdoor Sports

This domain encompasses all equipment, materials and activities associated with the “Outdoor” sector (skiing, hiking, mountain biking, sailing, paragliding, climbing, etc.).